Lead IT

Srdjan Stojiljkovic

Lead Frontend Developer, Designer

Srdjan is our lead Frontend Developer with design skills match his coding knowledge. He also manages our website and marketing strategies. His passion for simplicity and usability is visible thorough his work, making things look and work exactly as they should.

Before Lead IT Srdjan worked for a well known e-commerce company where he gathered a huge experience through many different types of projects on both Magento Community and Enterprise solutions. He also had his own small web design and development studio a few years ago where he worked as a freelancer. Combined, that is more than 5 years of professional experience but he started programming as early as high school. As long as he can remember he was interested in computers, programming and technology in general. From freeware Delphi applications to programming a bunch of LED strips with Arduino he always ends up using his free time learning, using and making new technologies.

Srdjan likes making things and making them right, you can call him – perfectionist. He finds inspiration in music, movies and new technologies. He doesn’t like to read books. He likes solving problems and try new things. With his curious nature, who knows what he’ll be interested in next.